GLORY Conference!

GLORY CONFERENCE invites college students from around the country to gather for four days of entering into the mystery of their own humanity. Seeking to awaken the heart’s deepest desires for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, GLORY will unite a generation to be fully alive in Christ Jesus, who sends them forth to transform the culture at large.

There are few demographics more influential in today’s culture than college students and young adults. While opportunities abound of similar gatherings for younger and older generations, GLORY2012 very intentionally unites those between 17 to 26 years of age for four days of incredible music, passionate and engaging speakers, and constant opportunities to build community amongst themselves.

Imagine a generation fully alive and fully prepared to set the world ablaze. Imagine a culture transformed by the piercing lights of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The leadership behind GLORY believes that no one can accomplish such a transformation as effectively as college students and young adults – with their hearts filled with great ambition and their futures brimming with opportunity. Over the course of our four days together, we will dive deeply into the questions of what it means to be human and how the Person of Jesus Christ is the aim and origin of our existence. We will explore the meaning of culture and examine the current state of affairs, particularly through an honest critique of the secular humanism that pervades our society today. We will lay a foundation for Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, as well as propose the vital importance of the life of the mind for every Christian. And finally, we will explore the faith through the lense of a deeply sacramental imagination that brings extraordinary Beauty to light in the most ordinary of circumstances.

God is calling forth a generation to arise in the splendor of Truth. Do whatever it takes to be at GLORY2012. This unprecedented gathering will be life-altering and culturally-transforming.